Christmas Fair

Thank you so much for all your support at the Christmas Fair. We have made around £1500 plus have earned £306 worth of free books through the Book Fair. The generosity from all our donors was amazing, in particular we would like to thank Out n About Mobility for the £100 Meadowhall Voucher and Total Finance Options and Nellie Stagles Dance School who each donated £50 for raffle prizes.


Y6 Visit to London 12th October

What an exciting day! So many new experiences, so much to see, so much to learn! I was delighted when I was asked to join the Year 6 trip to the Palace of Westminster in London  and, like the pupils, had been looking forward to it for weeks. From leaving school at 7 am to arriving back at 10 pm, the well organised day was full of interesting activities. We were so lucky to arrive at Buckingham Palace just as they were changing the guard, and saw at least three horse-drawn carriages bringing important visitors  – to see the Queen, we imagine. And the crowds of tourists! Next time we see the palace on the news we’ll all be able to imagine standing in front of the gates among the throngs of visitors looking up at the famous balcony.

The highlight of the day for me was the visit to the Palace of Westminster and the chance to sit in the public gallery of the House of Commons and watch a live debate on Brexit; being at the centre of government was such an exciting and instructive experience for us all. We then went into a mock chamber and took part in an excellent inter-active session where we acted out a parliamentary election, from manifesto to new Prime Minister.  The pupils approached the activity with interest and made thoughtful and constructive contributions to the proceedings – and they impressed the tutor by knowing the name of our MP.

It was a great pleasure to be with such enthusiastic, sensible and attentive children and my group of six looked after me very well; above all, it was a real privilege to be with such dedicated, caring and hard-working staff. Not only did they work very long hours on the day but had put in many hours of preparation beforehand to organise such a fulfilling and rewarding experience – and unlike me, they had to get up early the next day as well!



L Redfern


Roald Dahl Day 2016

Oh no!  Miss Trunchball took the assembly this morning!  She was very well behaved and gave out prizes to the best outfits in each year for our Roald Dahl day dressing up competition to mark his 100th birthday.

The winners are:


Reception  Alfy Sowerby

Year 1 Alexander Stone

Year 2 Jack Machin

Year 3 Alys Spencer

Year 4 Jack McGuinness

Year 5 Molly Middle brook

Year 6 Ethan Earl


IMG_3586 IMG_3587

Welcome Back!

September is here and we’re ready and raring to go for a new school year.  The office is open for enquiries on the 1st and 2nd September and children return to school on Monday 5th September.

Open evening dates are now in the calendar on 18th and 20th October 2016.  Further details will follow.

Summer Holiday

We hope you have a fantastic and safe summer and look forward to seeing you all in September.  School is open for the children from Monday 5th September however the office is open for enquiries from 1st September.

Friday Mornings

From the Autumn term we are going have an open morning for parents to visit class for a specific focus, for example writing, rather than opening every Friday morning.  We will let you know in September when the open mornings will be.



There will be some changes to which doors some year groups will use in September:

  • Year 1 will all use the Key Stage 1 door next to Pre School
  • Year 2 will all use Mrs Snow’s classroom door onto the playground
  • Year 3 will all use Mrs Burton’s classroom door onto the playground
  • All other year groups will stay the same


Could I just remind you that:


  • All dates of upcoming events will be put on the website calendar
  • In the morning doors open at 8.40am and close promptly at 8.45am
  • All children must wear school uniform including navy jumpers or cardigans and black shoes
  • Please do not use the school car park and be considerate of local residents and yellow lines when parking outside school

Summer Fair

Many thanks for all your donations, support and custom yesterday at the Summer Fair.  We made over £1250 which is absolutely fantastic.