Guide Dogs visit to Assembly

Derek and Martin brought us two guide dogs in to our assembly, Rufus and Keane.  They talked about how guide dogs are trained and how to respond to guide dogs if you see them out and about.  We all learnt today that if the handle is being held rather than the lead then the guide dog is working and you shouldn’t go up and make a fuss of them.  In the Autumn the school will be looking to sponsor a guide dog.


IMG_1223IMG_1226 IMG_1222

It’s Chicks!

Three of the eggs hatched last night.  Hopefully the rest will hatch during the day today.  Most children guessed right but we had some great ideas such as mini lions and pteradactyls!

IMG_1217 IMG_1215


Welcome back to the Summer Term

Just a couple of reminders for you

  • Year 6 SATS Week – Week beginning 12th May
  • Training Days / Polling Day school closed on Thursday 22nd May & Friday 23rd May
  • Half Term Week beginning 26th May
  • PTA Disco Thursday 19th June