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Ofsted Academy Conversion Letter – 1st October 2017

Ofsted rating: good

Please click below to see our latest Ofsted report.  We are very proud of all the hard work and dedication of pupils, staff, parents, governors and volunteers who have helped make our school a success.

Ofsted Report October 2014

Below are a few quotes from the report.



  • Senior staff set good examples to all staff and are skilled in observing teaching and setting increasingly challenging but achievable targets for subject and middle leaders to aspire to.
  • As a result, the quality of teaching is now good and constantly improving as all staff, including those new to the school and the profession, strive to meet these high expectations.


  • The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are polite and considerate towards each other and they respond well to the care that all adults show them.
  • Pupils play and work together well. Classrooms are calm and orderly. Pupils take responsibilities seriously and support others.
  • Pupils are well prepared for keeping themselves safe in later life.
  • The school works well with pupils who sometimes find it difficult to manage their own emotions and social skills.


  • Across the school, pupils are ambitious and aim high. They respond well to staff’s high expectations and good example
  • There is a good atmosphere for learning and pupils respond well in their behaviour and positive attitudes. Classrooms are attractive and orderly.
  • Pupils also refine and develop their knowledge and understanding in response to skilful and persistent questioning.

Pupils’ Achievement

  • All groups of pupils achieve well from their individual starting points
  • Pupils’ achievement in reading is good and sometimes outstanding. They make very quick gains in understanding letters and their sounds (phonics)
  • Pupils make at least good progress in writing. They write neatly and take a pride in their handwriting.
  • Pupils’ achievement in mathematics is good.
  • The most-able pupils reach above average standards and the results of national tests reflect this.



For admission arrangements we follow the Doncaster Local Authority guidelines.  For more information or to apply to our school please click on the link below to access the Doncaster Council Website.

If you are interested in applying for a place at our school for your child please contact the school office to arrange a visit.

Doncaster Council Website 


Academy Governance – click to view


Policies – click to view

Rose Learning Trust Policies – click to view


Curriculum – Click to view


SEND – Local Offer – Click to view


Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-2018



DFE Achievement and Attainment Performance Data

Hatchell Wood Primary Academy Test Results 2018

(these results do not include one child’s achievements which change writing to 73% and combined to 62%)

Hatchell Wood Primary Academy Test Results 2017


School Sports Funding

2016-2017 (£9455), 2017-2018 (£19,470)

  • Specialist Sports Coaches to work with children and coach staff to upskill and create jointly an effective, progressive scheme of work to the new national curriculum
  • Organisational costs for inter school competitions
  • Increase range of clubs available to enable children to experience a wider range of sports
  • To part fund our annual sports week in the Summer to give children a range of experiences in various sports, some not typically taught in schools.

Impact 2016-2017

  • Impact for our children has been in participating in more lessons with higher skill content taught by teachers confident in delivering the PE curriculum
  • Highly skilled external sports coaches organizing clubs and tournaments in a range of PE activities promoting a healthier lifestyle, team working and success through participation
  • Giving children experiences of a variety of sports and dance activities throughout the year and during our highly successful sports week



 Pupil Premium Allocation 2015-2016
Areas of Development Intended Outcomes
Inclusion Team

Inclusion Manager




Targeted and effective intervention to support children and families as appropriate with particular focus on:

  • vulnerable
  • SEND
Inclusion Team

Learning Mentor

Case studies show a positive impact on children and families through:

  • Self esteem
  • Relationships within families
  • Children being safe


Reduction in the number of referrals to social care and effective use of early help

Inclusion Team

Play Therapist


To work with vulnerable children identified through inclusion team

Case studies and pre / post surveys of children, staff and parents show a positive impact on children’s self-esteem and attitude to relationships, school and learning
Midday Supervisor


To assist in development of ‘good’ play culminating in reduction of incidents and children returning from lunchtime in a good learning state
EYFS Outdoor Learning Environment


Children come into school below average in Reception, outdoor area to continue and accelerate good progress at end of EYFS



Child Protection Online Monitoring Software

To more effectively monitor and record areas of concern including child protection, racism and behaviour. Chronology will be improved enhancing safeguarding procedures
Books and Resources


Available budget for resources to support the above areas or identified issues throughout the year
Total Pupil Premium Spent £155989


Test Results

Based on 41 results

Reading Writing Maths GPS Maths / English Combined
At expected standard 55% 79% 64% 43% 40%
Greater Depth 14% 14% 14% 12% 7%
National 66% 74% 70% 72% 53%
Doncaster LA 55% 72.9% 63.3% 64.6% 45.6%
Ave Scaled Score 100 101 99
National Average Scaled Score 103 103 104
Progress Score




 Floor Standard -5 -7 -5



Results EYFS GLD Year 1 Phonics Year 1 & 2 Phonics
  71.2% 82.8% 80.6%


Year 2 Reading Writing Maths RWM Science
At expected standard 70.9% 63.6% 76.4% 60% 80%
Greater Depth 21.4% 0% 21.4%
Doncaster LA 69.7% 63.9% 70% 58% 77.8%




Follow this link for information on childcare services and childminding provision in the local area. 


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